About Us

PrintbyPrint Group (PbPG) is a NYC-based curatorial Arts Education and Advocacy group that uses twenty first century mediums and digital tools to network with industry professionals; providing the public, emerging artists and students from underrepresented groups, with educational and unique events/ experiences, workshops, and access to resources and The Arts. Through our partnerships with emerging artists, local businesses, public education institutions and private corporations/ organizations, we are focused on providing engaging creative experiences to the general public and STEM to STEAM education opportunities to underserved children, teens, and young adults.

PrintbyPrint Group also provides virtual project management services to creatives and small to large businesses. Our Director of Project Management, Minkie English, has over 17 years of Project and Program Management experience with private and public organizations, schools, after-school programs, educators, and creatives. We provide highly skilled administrative, technical and project management support that includes project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring/controlling, and closure.

What Our Patrons Say

The collaboration with PrintbyPrint Group has been a dynamic exchange that has brought together creatives from various disciplines. The group’s Artist Talk series offered our patrons another viable social exchange that is a wonderful addition to our community and customer base- typically taking place on sunday afternoons, which were the perfect segue to feed the mind and gear up for the week ahead.

– Ode to Babel

I am inspired by the amount of programming by artists of color that PrintByPrint is able to develop, support and promote. It is encouraging to know that there is an organization that cares about the work that I and other artists of color make. It keeps me motivated.

– Stephen Towns

I really enjoyed this [Brunch] event… As a senior in high school, I want my graffiti and spoken work to become [as well known] one day.

– High School Student

Using art as a medium to explore purpose and impact students with culturally responsive teaching.

– Teaching students response to impact of ‘Art as Activism’ Workshop

Excellent event, well put together and very informative. Such an inspiration to be in the presence of such talent… I love the dedication to developing such a necessary forum for artists.

– Attendee feedback from ‘The Influence of Jazz & Hip Hop’ Artist Talk Brunch Series

Our Partners / Sponsors

To-date, we have worked with Caribbean, American, and African visual artists, performance artists, dancers, choreographers, filmmakers, fine artists, teachers, students, schools and after-school programs such as:

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